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About Shopify Click & Collect

We provide a Low Cost & simple integration that is based on proven technology and infinitely flexible to suit any business model - no matter what your size.

  • Integrates with Shopify Checkout Booking is shown on the last page of checkout & emailed as a link in case you customer misses it
  • Email alerts for orders Each delivery booking you receive will link you directly to the order in your store
  • Integrates with multiple Existing Calendar Technologies Outlook 365 and Google calendar accounts can both be used and are the most common in the world
  • Allow multiple booking per slot Multiple bookings per time slot if you have the ability to handle a number of customers at once
  • Capture any additional data you need for the booking For example if you want to capture the customer's car reg/index number of their vehicle as identification
  • Ability to manage the booking Both you and your customers can easily cancel and reschedule booking online 24-hours a day.
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