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Subscriptions: My Family Vets

We helped kick-start a recurring revenue stream for this ambitious pet store with Recharge subscriptions

Recently, we integrated Recharge Subscriptions into the My Family Vets online store, which kickstarted their recurring revenue stream, which has been increasing by 40% month on month since launch.

Who are My Family Vets

My Family Vets is part of the IVC Evidensia Group, which operates across 20 countries & has over 20,000 staff in the UK alone. The My Family Vets website was launched to support their Veterinary clinics by helping pet owners find their local clinic & providing nutritional and health advice. 

Their online shop offers a range of high-quality, vet-approved products like pet food, dental care, dietary supplements, toys, treats and accessories.

My Family Vets were interested in improving the experience for their customers by offering product subscriptions for pet food and supplements. As we had previously migrated their store from Kentico to Shopify Plus, they knew they could rely on us to help them get started with Recharge Subscriptions.  

The subscription offering!

My Family Vets needed to overcome a few unique challenges when offering subscriptions, including honouring a tiered pricing structure that allowed verified Pet Health Club members to use their special discounted rate when subscribing to their favourite products. While also allowing non-members to subscribe at the regular retail price. 

In addition, customers are encouraged to start a subscription by an additional 'subscribe & save' saving and 'free delivery', which is only available on one-time purchases if the order value is over £39.00. A Pet Health Club member could get a 25% discount on a product, then an extra 10% discount for subscribing + free delivery. That's one compelling offer! 

Offering product subscriptions can be incredibly beneficial for Shopify store owners. By converting a one-time purchase into an active subscriber, you increase the customer's lifetime value to your business resulting in higher recurring revenue. It also provides a convenient service for your customer as they can subscribe and forget, knowing they will get their essential products delivered like clockwork every month. 

The results speak for themselves. 

Recharge Subscriptions was an enormous success for the client! After a soft launch across a limited product range and no accompanying marketing,

customers loved the subscription offering, with active subscribers growing 40% month on month and with minimal cancellations.

Proving just how successful subscriptions can be at providing a consistent and recurring revenue stream for your business and a compelling and convenient offering for your customer base.  

Written by
Mike Fryers
March 24, 2023

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