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Migration: Libration Brewing Co

The Shopify multi-store migration that launched with a 7.6% conversion rate for Liberation Brewing Co

Tired of struggling with the increasing cost of maintaining their two existing bespoke eCommerce stores, this award winning brewery enlisted Inspira Digital to create them two beautiful new, highly converting, Shopify stores.

Liberation Brewing Company Overview

This award winning company originally formed over 150 years ago in the Channel Islands. The team take great pride in crafting unique and distinctive range of beer all brewed using locally sourced ingredients. Despite their success Liberation Brewing Company still haven't forgotten their heritage and continue to brew beer on the Channel Islands, for the Islands.

After many years of struggling with their existing bespoke e-commerce stores the time had come to reinvest in the business and the decision was made to migrate their two Channel Island stores to Shopify.

The challenges facing Liberation Brewing Co as they serve the Channel Islands

Beer by its very nature is expensive to ship and that is why Liberation chose to only ship from Jersey to Jersey and from Guernsey to Guernsey. With their existing platform they managed this separation by running two independent e-commerce stores.

With the migration to Shopify there was the opportunity to serve these two markets from a single Shopify store.

However after careful consultation the decision was made to keep the two stores independent from one another. This allowed Liberation to easily...

  • Manage two independent product catalogues.
  • Easily segment customers based on their locations.
  • Populate the homepage with targeted content specifically to their audience.
  • Manage independent offers and promotions across both stores.

Migrating product data from a bespoke e-commerce platform to Shopify

Regardless of what platform you are migrating from, one of the biggest concerns for merchants is how to to seamlessly move their products from their old store to Shopify. Unfortunately there is never a one size fits all solution.

That is why merchants looking to Migrate to Shopify choose to enlist our team of data specialists to move their product data to Shopify. Our team often use a combination of product exports and data scraps to collect all the required data. This then needs to be remapped into a format that Shopify understands. Most importantly the product information needs to be populated in a way to enable required storefront features. For Liberation group this meant using product tags to power collection filters but product information such as product type, country of origin & alcohol content.

The Shopify store build

When building two separate Shopify stores it does not mean you need to double the cost of the project. One of the simplest ways to save costs when launching expansion stores is for the two stores to share the Shopify themes. Any functionality that is developed directly into the theme can then seamlessly be moved from one store to another without needlessly doubling efforts and costs. And this is exactly the approach we took with Liberation Brewing Co.

And we are proud of the results which is why we've showcased the Liberation Brewing Co. design build in our portfolio.

Beyond the theme - providing the right toolset for success

One of the great features of Shopify is the extensive ecosystem of apps & features that are readily available. Some of the key tools that interested Liberation Brewing Company was...

  • Direct Klaviyo integration for best in class email marketing tools,
  • Improving customer confidence with Product Reviews powered by Yotpo,
  • Offering 'Click and Collect' by utilising Shopify's local pickup functionality.
  • Age Verification via Age-checked to guarantee customers are over 18.

The results

With the theme ready to go and all the right tools in place we were ready to launch and rarely does a launch go quite as smoothly as this one. The two new stores have been a huge success, seeing fantastic customer engagement and conversion rates well above industry standards across both stores (5.5% to 7.5%). A credit to the hard work and the start of another great long term client relationship.

Written by
Mike Fryers
November 21, 2021

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