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Click & Collect: Gym+Coffee

The Ultimate Click & Collect Solution on Shopify Plus for Gym+Coffee

Shopify is a fantastic platform that is great for growing your business online. However, to make the most of your business opportunities, you need a site that works exactly to your strengths. We help merchants streamline their business operations on Shopify Plus.

Who are Gym+Coffee?

Gym+Coffee are one of Ireland’s leading athleisure brands, with stores in both Ireland and the UK. Along with their physical presence, Gym+Coffee are also Shopify Plus members and have a growing website that sells products in the Ireland, UK, and across the globe.

The Click & Collect Requirements

Gym+Coffee got in touch with us to see how we could add real click & collect functionality to their Shopify website with specific rules to fit the functionality of their business.

Gym+Coffee wanted to offer customers the option to click & collect only when stock was available at a click & collect location. If stock was not available at the store customers would still be able to order for delivery.

Click & Collect is available on Shopify both natively and through off the shelf apps, but none of them fitted Gym+Coffee’s needs. They wanted to use Shopify’s locations to track stock in each store and to specifically not offer delivery if the product was only available at a click & collect location. After exploring various avenues, including contacting Shopify Plus directly, Gym+Coffee thought they had hit a dead-end. That's when they reached out to our team at Inspira.

Our Solution for Click and Collect on Shopify Plus

We developed a bespoke Shopify app which, combined with customer frontend UX, provided a solution that met the clients’ needs. Allowing Gym+Coffee to offer click & collect to their customers without having to change their business processes.

The first problem we needed to overcome was making sure the storefront could accurately display stock levels for each available click & collect location. By default Shopify only reports the total available stock to the storefront. That is why we developed a Bespoke Shopify App that allowed us to keep track of store-specific stock levels and provide that information on the product & cart page.

Then, we created a custom click & collect UX directly on product pages. Customers select which store they would like to collect from, and the website only shows only stores that have the stock available.

If the customer’s preferred store didn’t have stock, it was quick and easy for them to go back and request delivery, minimising cart abandonment.

Finally, on the cart page, we confirm the customers previous selection and give them the opportunity to switch back to delivery if preferred. We then passed the customer's selection into the checkout, making it easy for the customer to complete the order.

This combination of Bespoke Shopify App Development and custom User Interface Design allowed us to create a seamless user experience that delivers exactly the what Gym+Coffee required.

What the Client Said...

Click & Collect on Shopify Plus is just one of the many bespoke solutions we've provided to Shopify merchants over the past decade. But what is really rewarding is when our work & expertise is so well received by our clients. This is what Gym+Coffee had to say...

“We're so happy with the click and collect functionality, it's working like a dream and looks amazing. A big thank you to you guys as well, always responsive and honest and kept me in the loop.”

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Written by
Mike Fryers
March 23, 2022

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