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Shopify Trade Orders

Streamline your B2B ordering process with Shopify Trade Orders Checkout.

Allow trusted trade customers with prearranged payment terms to bypass the Shopify Checkout and place an order in your store without payment. You can even offer trade specific discounts right within your consumer retail store without the need to duplicate inventory. That's trade orders made simple!

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£10/month - No Setup Fees

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About Trade Orders

The Trade Orders app creates a way for your customers to bypass the checkout and payment but still place an order that appears in the Shopify Admin. This dedicated order path can be made available online to tagged customers such as trusted traded business partners.

How Can I Use Trade Orders?

Streamline your online B2B ordering process. If you have an existing consumer store there is no need to setup a separate Trade store. Instead, simply invite your trusted trade partners to create an account on your retail store. Then grant them access to your trade checkout.

Offer Your Trade Customers Discounts

You can offer your trade customers a simple discount on their orders as well as trade specific delivery options. There's no need to create duplicated inventory instead you can offer a percentage discount for all customers tagged as trade. It is even possible to create tiered discounting allowing you to set a discount level on a per trade customer basis.

Installation is Easy!

We've made it super simple, Trade Orders is a pre-built Shopify App that is tried and trusted solution. Our team will install the app into your store and you will be up and running in no time. Full step by step instructions are available from within the app dashboard but if you need any additional help our support team is available to guide you through the process.

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