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Black Moon Cosmetics

Offering cosmetics from the darker side. We re-imagined the shopping experience for this cruelty-free & vegan beauty brand.

We designed and developed a shopping experience that perfectly represents Black Moon's brand values and unique personality.

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Bespoke shopping experience

Black Moon Cosmetics required a shopping experience that reflected their unique brand personality. We opted to use the Impulse theme as a starting point, replacing the entire homepage and site wide navigation with custom designs. This allowed us to focus on what was important and quickly deliver a meticulously crafted experience that customers love.

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Capturing the brand's unique personality

Being unique was an important factor to communicate when designing the new site. Our design team created eery atmospheric animations, beautiful imagery and fun animated sales tags to really drive home Black Moon's spooky personality.

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Bespoke apps

To complete the experience we built bespoke frontend apps that provide a premium shopping experience for the customers. Fast responsive filters and shareable wish lists allow users to browse effortlessly and share their favourite products with their friends.

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