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Arabella London

We re-imagined the shopping experience for this luxury swimwear brand with the launch of a beautifully crafted theme.

Arabella London sell elegant, tailor-made swimwear. The website needed a complete visual overhaul and an upgrade to a Shop 2.0 Theme.

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Design Overhaul

We completed a UX review of the existing site to identify points of friction within the customer purchase journey. Things we paid particular attention to was the navigation and whether it prioritised the sites key goals. We also look into whether the site clearly guides customers through the purchase journey. Using an off the shelf theme as a starting point, our design team completely overhauled their brand experience online with a beautiful new store. We then designed and built a number of bespoke features to compliment the chosen theme to really elevate the customer experience.

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Bespoke Shopping Experience

We designed and built various features including product upsells to increase cart value, displaying all colour options on product pages to help customers easily navigate all available styles and location detection to cater to customers worldwide

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Alleviate Customer Concerns & Increases Conversion

When purchasing swimwear online, customers want to be reassured they are selecting sizes that will fit them perfectly. We designed and built a bespoke fit quiz to alleviate that concern - the quiz helps them find their perfect size before ordering, through a number of tailored questions. A find your perfect fit quiz makes shopping for swimwear a lot more accessible, resulting in increased consumer confidence and sales.

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