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The Trade Orders Shopify app gets a fresh coat of paint for your B2B customers

Written by
Mike Fryers
January 8, 2021

Our Shopify Trade Orders app was developed with the simple goal of making it easy to manage your B2B audience on Shopify. We created a frictionless trade checkout solution that plugs straight into your already existing consumer store and works hand in hand with the default Shopify Checkout.

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A (very) short history of Shopify Trade Orders

Originally developed back in 2014, our Shopify Trade Orders app has always held a special place in our hearts here at Inspira Digital. Over the years we have worked hard to provide fast, stable & frictionless Trade Checkout experience for your customers. And we've loved watching our merchant grow their B2B business on Shopify.

Today we're happy have the opportunity to shout about the fresh new look for Shopify Trade Orders Checkout.

How can Shopify Trade Orders help my B2B Business?

With these recent updates we have not changed core functionality of Shopify Trade Orders checkout. It is still the same feature rich solution that our merchants have grown to love over the last 6 years.

  • Using Trade Orders you can use a single Shopify Store to serve both your B2B audience and direct to consumer market without the need to manage inventory across multiple stores.
  • Your B2B customers are directed to your Trade Orders checkout where they can receive their own personalised trade discount rate.
  • B2B customers place orders without making a payment upfront with a quick & easy one page Trade Checkout.
  • At the end of their billing period you can then collect payments for all orders placed in one easy transaction. This transaction happens outside of our app, meaning there is no transaction fee eating away at your profits.
  • Shopify Trade Orders is free to try making it easy to decide if the app is right for you and your customers. If you decide to keep it then there's only a low fee of £10.00 per month to use the app.

What's new in Shopify Trade Orders then?

We have given Shopify Trade Orders a fresh new look that is now perfectly aligned with Shopify's tried & tested design principals and fits perfectly within their ecosystem.

Start giving trade customers a frictionless & premium shopping experience that is a joy to use and has them coming back again and again.

Customers who are familiar with your store and Shopify's checkout will feel right at home when placing an order through the Trade Orders checkout. The new checkout includes all the key quality of life features that customers have come to expect online such as autofilled form fields for returning customers allowing them to place an order with one click.

The Shopify Trade Order's checkout seamlessly integrates with your Shopify Store

No longer do B2B consumers need to feel like second rate citizens. With the new Trade Orders checkout they get the same premium checkout experience as your regular consumers.

How do I try Shopify Trade Orders in my Store

Our Shopify Trade Orders app is low cost solution to help expand your B2B business on Shopify. To use Trade Orders you only pay a low cost fee of £10.00 per month. There are no set up fees or sneaky transaction costs to eat away at your profits.

You can try Trade Orders in your own store free of charge. During the trial you get access to all features so you can make sure the app is right for you.

Visit the Trade Orders Checkout page to enquire today and a member of our team will set up a free trial of Trade Orders, in your store ready to use.

If you're an existing Trade Orders users get in touch for a free upgrade to the new Trade Orders app.

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