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The benefits of being a fully engaged and integrated client

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Luke Green
September 26, 2011

It's very easy as a punter to be seduced by the "build you own" website templates and the multitude of "easy as 1 2 3" web services that are available. Fair enough they can get you a good distance and help you to cheaply establish yourself, but sooner or later you'll hit a brick wall, whether that's in the platforms abilities or your own shortcomings, there will be only so far you can personally take things

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And while there are a rare, few extraordinarily talented polymaths, most successful business leaders realise early on that the "do everything yourself" approach can quickly stifle your businesses growth.

This doesn't mean letting go or losing control, it means that you become engaged with other professionals

This doesn't mean letting go or losing control, it means that you become engaged with other professionals and help steer and guide your business to greater success. The positive results of this approach were recently highlighted to us during the process of creating the Agape Volunteers brand and website.

Initially Gee (Agape Volunteers young CEO) had got his organisation so far. His dedication and determination to the project had allowed him to build and brand the initial website himself (using a build your own package), whilst also putting all the key personnel into place in Africa and the UK. When he spoke to us, he realised to take things to the next level and move the charity up a gear, he needed help. Since then the Agape Volunteers project has been characterised by Gee's very involved but also trusting approach. This has helped to foster a flourishing professional relationship between Inspira Digital and Agape Volunteers.

It just goes to show the benefits of not only partnering a great team, but also trusting their professionalism too

As a result Inspira Digital have not only provided Agape Volunteers with a striking brand image we have become involved on a number of levels, leveraging our online and marketing knowledge to help drive his charity forward. Much of the Agape Volunteers project has been characterised by small but not insignificant steps. For example, shortly after we donated the well received branding work, Gee was then confident enough to approach potential investors. Rather than snatch at the opportunity Gee consulted us for help to get his business plan and pitch in order, it was great move on his part, and allowed us to back him up with projected figures and the recommendation of the Google Grant scheme, that allows non profits to gain free exposure via Google Adwords. Safe to say the pitch was so succesfull that Agape Volunteers secured double their required backing, much of that, in part, due to his ability to know when to ask for advice and allowing our team to back him up with sound expertise.

As the project moved forward Gee was active in providing site content and images, right through to providing timely feedback on the important technical decisions. This resulted in a project that launched just one day later than originally expected, in an industry were project creep is rife (and a project that has a number of technical challenges) this is no small achievement.

Agape Volunteers is now looking to send over 100 students to Africa in it's first year as direct result of the website, this will generate 1000's of man hours in donated time and also increase financial donations. The clear success of this project just goes to show the benefits of not only partnering a good team but also trusting their professionalism too.

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