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Shopify Components for Enterprise-Level Sellers

Written by
Mike Fryers
December 18, 2023

As a well-established and experienced Shopify agency, Inspira is proud to cater to businesses that range from unique indie start-ups, to some pretty serious enterprise-level clients – including brands like Careline365, My Family Vets, and Symprove.

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Shopify for Enterprise-Level Merchants

In fact, more and more enterprise-level brands are making the jump to Shopify. We profiled some famous names in our guide to the Biggest Brands on Shopify, who are all making amazing use of the platform.

And do you know why? Because those enterprise-level brands are getting access to some of the most powerful tools in the Shopify arsenal. Shopify Plus introduced a whole new raft of powerful ecommerce tools for supporting enterprise-level businesses. And now it seems that Shopify’s set to change the game all over again. 

Let’s talk about Shopify Components.

Gym+Coffee, Gymshark, BBC and Redbull are just a few of the enterprise level merchants putting their faith in Shopify

What is Shopify Components?

According to Shopify, Components is “the modern composable stack for enterprise retail.” It is a comprehensive, modular approach to building ecommerce experiences. Essentially, Components gives enterprise-level sellers a set of building blocks – allowing them unparalleled flexibility to craft unique and powerful stores.

In total, Shopify Components consists of 30 modules which are divided across 6 different categories:

  • Storefront: Headless API, Headless SDK, Low-Code Storefronts, Headless Hostings (with Oxygen), Content & Storefront Search.
  • Cart and Checkout: Cart, Checkout Platform, Payments Platform, Tax Platform, Fraud Protection.
  • Core Commerce: Product Catalogue, Custom Data Models, Cross-Border Selling, Subscriptions, Customer Data, Discounts, Functions Extensibility, B2B.
  • Data and Compliance: Data Analysis, Marketing Insights, Card Data & Vaulting, Security & Compliance.
  • Shipping and Logistics: Fulfilment, Order Management, Inventory, Returns, Shipping Labels API.
  • Omnichannel: Point of Sale (POS), Social Commerce, Chat & Support.

By using these blocks in unique and novel combinations, with complete vertical and horizontal flexibility, Components users have almost unlimited power to create entirely personalised and purpose-built front- and back-end solutions.

Red Bull are one of the many Enterprise level merchants who put their trust in Shopify's infrastructure.

The Components system has been carefully tailored to meet the many and diverse needs of large-scale modern business. With Components, branding and bespoke functionality are a breeze, while applying your designs across multiple pages or stores will soon feel like second-nature – as simple as dragging and dropping the blocks into place.

Similarly, the model lends itself perfectly to scalability. The growth trajectories of enterprise-level sellers can be seamlessly accommodated within Components’s fully scalable architecture, allowing you to cater to growing traffic, or quickly add new product lines, without ever losing control of your store’s layout or identity.

With its interactive and personalised features, Components allows you to create truly immersive and uniquely branded experiences. Tools like dynamic product recommendations, plus seamless social media integrations, will empower you to interact with your buyers more naturally than ever before… while building deeper brand loyalty in the long-run.

Shopify Components and Your Security

There is another thing that tends to grow when your business grows – and that’s risk. More and larger transactions means greater capital, and a larger volume of sensitive customer data to manage. So any enterprise-level platform must also offer enterprise-level security: this is non-negotiable.

Thankfully, Shopify Components prioritises security at every level. Robust data encryption, super-secure payment gateways… Components delivers industry-leading standards to offer enterprise sellers absolute peace of mind as they scale their business.

Ease – and Speed – of Use

To go back to our first point again – we cannot stress enough, how easy Components is to use. Need to add a new product line at the last minute? In a rush to get your holiday deals online? Easy.

Components uses a comprehensive system of pre-built elements and templates, which makes every edit both streamlined and intuitive. Launch, edit, add, update, all in a matter of clicks. The ecommerce landscape moves fast – and Components is designed to help you stay ahead of the game via rapid execution.

Who is Shopify Components For?

Components is very much an enterprise-level ecommerce tool. Some of the brands already using the new Shopify features include JB Hifi, Mattel, Staples, and Steve Madden.

Shopify have suggested that the new system is best-suited to those generating at least £500 million in annual revenue.

Or to put it another way – a Components-powered store is able to cater to an incredible 40,000 checkouts per minute. So clearly, this is a solution designed for high-volume ecommerce sellers, or those managing multiple brands at once.

As for the cost, whereas Shopify Plus offered a set pricing model, Shopify Components will vary in price from one user to the next. Pricing is based on usage, and also reflects the number of individual components being applied.

How to Get Started with Shopify Components

To sum it up, Shopify Components is a world-class asset for enterprise-level sellers. With its adaptability, scalability, advanced security features, and time-saving capabilities, this powerful modular solution is just the thing that serious ecommerce businesses need to get the jump on the digital marketplace.

So are you ready to upgrade your ecommerce business to the powerful tools of Shopify Components? Or maybe you’re still curious to learn more about how this modular selling approach could benefit your brand. 

Why not give us a call? Our experienced advisors will be glad to talk you through the Components model and its features – to find out if this cutting-edge platform will be the right fit for you. For all your Shopify needs, talk to Inspira today.

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