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Harness the power of Recharge Subscriptions on Shopify

Written by
Mike Fryers
March 23, 2023

Recharge Subscriptions has quickly established itself as the go-to app for offering product subscriptions on Shopify. Over 15k merchants across the globe trust them, so you know you are in safe hands. We can quickly and reliably integrate your Shopify store with recharge to help you convert one-time purchases into lifetime repeat customers.

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Is Recharge Subscriptions right for your store?

Recharge is trusted by big & small brands from around the world. Recognised brands like Brewdog, Symprove, and My Family Vets all work with Recharge but don't be mistaken into thinking Subscriptions is beyond a smaller business. Any company can quickly get started with subscriptions.

Currently, 15k merchants and 50 million customers have subscriptions powered by Recharge.  

With Recharge, a Shopify merchant can quickly offer subscription plans to their consumers and then let Recharge handle the rest. On the day the following order is due, Recharge will automatically charge the customer's saved payment details and create the order in your Shopify store.

If stock is unavailable or the card payment fails, the customer will be alerted via one of Recharges email notifications. Everything is automated, so you can focus on running your business

Flexible subscription options for your customers.

When you think of product subscription services, you might be mistaken to only think of brands such as Dollar Shave Club, Beer52 and Hello Fresh. These brands have built their business solely by offering customers their products on subscription. But you can also take a blended approach to subscriptions.

Allow your customers to "subscribe & save."

With Recharge, you can set up any product in your store to be available for either a one-time purchase or start a subscription for regular deliveries. You can also reward customers with a special 'subscribe and save' discount to make subscriptions more appealing. This is perfect for businesses offering consumable products such as skin care, pet food, baby products, and pies. 

Annual memberships that unlock unique benefits.

But you can do more than that. You could use Recharge to allow customers to sign up for a special membership club where the customer can get access to additional benefits in your store for a monthly or annual fee. This could be anything from...

  • Special membership discount on all orders.
  • Free or fast delivery o for paid subscribers.
  • Priority access to new product ranges or other exclusive content.

Getting started with Recharge subscriptions.

We recommend Recharge, not just for the value it provides to our clients, but also because of how quickly subscriptions can be deployed to your store. The Recharge Shopify App handles most merchant needs with minimal set-up required.

Then for merchants who want to push the boundaries of what's possible - there is always Recharge's powerful & flexible API for maximum customisations.

Recharge subscriptions on Shopify offer a fantastic opportunity for businesses to increase their revenue potential and attain maximum customer loyalty. Our team can help you implement it seamlessly, into your existing Shopify store! Get in touch today to discuss how we could help you offer subscriptions on Shopify.

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