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E-Commerce Brands Shaping Our Future

Written by
Charlotte Slade
June 2, 2021

Investing in brands that aim to keep sustainability in mind is a small way you can play your part in caring for our planet and it's inhabitants. We have put together a collection of e-commerce brands who make a commitment to ethical and sustainable practices.

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As consumers, we’ve become increasingly conscious of our purchases and how they impact the environment around us. We can all do our bit, even if it's as simple as sidelining a plastic carrier bag at the supermarket. Although we can start small, we can always push ourselves further and aim to become more mindful of how we are spending and which brands we are investing our support in. Below we have rounded up some fantastic e-commerce brands that are on a mission to protect the world we live in.

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Sustainable outdoor clothing giants - there isn't a worthy cause Patagonia won't get behind. As a brand recognised around the globe they use their platform to support those who need it and educate others who want to help and for every sale that's made they pledge 1% back to the planet.

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The enemy of single-use plastic water bottles, Chilly's mission is to encourage the everyday use of reusable products. Since the birth of the Chilly's water bottle in 2010 their product range has continued to grow year after year with some exciting new additions on the way.

Lucy & Yak
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From humble beginnings selling handmade tobacco pouches to fellow travellers in New Zealand to their hugely popular staple dungarees, Lucy & Yak fly the sustainable flag hard. What makes this brand unique is their transparency with regards to their partnership with the cotton farmers and tailors in India that create their clothing. As well as this, a large percentage of their products are made using renewable energy due to their factory being solar powered.


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Blueland are on a mission to minimise single-use plastic packaging and opts to substitute harsh chemicals for plant-derived, hypoallergenic ingredients to create eco friendly cleaning solutions. With a range of products designed with shatter-resistant, reusable packaging known as “forever bottles" the brand maintains their commitment to sustainability.

Adelante Shoe Co

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Adelante envision a future in which business is used to reduce poverty and promote inclusive development worldwide. The brand sells exceptional quality shoes made by craftsmen in Guatemala. Their objective is to create full time jobs that pay people enough to live well in their communities, resulting in effective and sustainable economic development in Latin America. Customers also get to virtually connect with their shoemaker throughout the production process - giving the craftsman the recognition they deserve.

Organic Basics

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"The fashion industry is a dirty bastard" according to eco clothing brand Organic Basics. They're proud to stand for change in the fashion industry and constantly work at reducing their environmental footprint and adopt sustainable practices every step of their production. The brand only work with long lasting materials and with trusted, certified factory partners who ensure their workers are surrounded in a safe working space and paid a living wage.


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Sustainability and ethical issues are at the very core of Elgen. From getting rid of single use plastics in their supply chain to partnering with some of the worlds best factories to source sustainable fabrics. The clothes themselves are made to last well beyond the standard wear times, reducing their carbon foot print by 30%, and stops them from languishing in landfill after just a few months wear.


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Bombas have a fantastic brand ethos, their mission is to help those experiencing homelessness. Socks, underwear, and t-shirts are the most requested clothing items in homeless shelters. For every item purchased they donate an item on the customer's behalf. They have donated more than 40 million items to more than 3,500 community organisations to date.

Working together for a better future

As a team, we're always on the look out for the opportunity to work with brands who value our planet. If you're working for a forward thinking brand who is on a mission to improve the world we all share then we'd love to have a chat to talk about how we can support you with your goals.

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