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Bundle up! Announcing Shopify Bundles

Written by
Jess Vaughan-Milanta
September 15, 2023

This week we want to introduce you to a new app that we predict will be a gamechanger for a lot of Shopify businesses: Shopify Bundles.

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Of course, bundling products together is not a new concept. In ecommerce lingo, a “bundle” is typically defined as two or more products grouped together for sale. This might often involve a multi-buy discount too. There are various reasons you might want to do this, from grouping together commonly combined products, perhaps with a bundle discount, or even just to clear out old inventory from your warehouse.

In the past, the only way to achieve this on Shopify was through third-party apps, like Bundler. However, with the announcement of the new Shopify Bundles app, things are about to get a lot more streamlined. Let’s talk about what this means.

Bundle Up! Shopify's New Bundles App is Here

We recently wrote about Shopify’s Summer Editions 2023, when we shared our article running down the top 10 most exciting new announcements. Out of the 100+ apps and upgrades included in the Summer Editions though, quite a few deserve a closer look – and this week we want to talk more about the exciting potential of Shopify Bundles.

In Shopify’s own words, setting up product bundles is “one of the best ways to increase your average order value.”

Some of our clients have been offering product bundles for years, and are already well aware of the business benefits. However, what’s new now is that Shopify’s Bundles app allows you to set up bundles effortlessly from inside Shopify’s own admin panels. The whole process is seamlessly integrated – from picking which items to include, to previewing how the bundle will appear on your storefront.

The intuitive, code-free approach offered by the Bundles app makes this option accessible to all Shopify users, regardless of their level of technical proficiency. And there are more benefits to the new app too – so let’s highlight a few key features.

Fixed bundles and multi-buy deals

The basic function offered by the Bundles app is to combine multiple products into a single “bundled” listing. This then appears as one single item in your public-facing product catalogue, alongside your other products, ensuring a streamlined browsing experience for your customers. Whether you’re clearing out old stock, or offering enticing deals on items that are usually bought together, creating basic bundles like this is entirely free and easy to achieve now, using the Shopify Bundles app.

Real-time inventory syncing

Here’s a clever feature – Shopify Bundles will automatically sync with your available inventory. This means that for any given bundle on your store, the stock quantity displayed will be equal to that of the component item with the least stock in your inventory. Shopify does all the thinking for you here. Sell a bundle, and your inventory levels are automatically adjusted for each item included. It’s streamlined and intuitive, leaving you free to focus on the bigger picture.

Advanced functionality for Shopify Plus

So – all of the above is super-simple, streamlined, and easy to implement without so much as looking at a line of code. But under the hood, Shopify Bundles features some more advanced options too. Namely, Shopify Plus members can take advantage of further features which allow a lot of scope for building “custom bundles” using APIs.

With tools like this at your disposal, it becomes possible to get very creative with the way you package your items together, and offer them on your storefront. Though to take full advantage of these extra features for Shopify Plus users, you may need help from a developer to set up those APIs – feel free to drop us a line here, if that’s something Inspira can help you with.

Get Started With Shopify Bundles Today!

We took Shopify Bundles for a test-spin in the office, and we found it took next to no time at all to have bundles set up and running. You can then manage these bundles, or create more, all through the Shopify Bundles app within your Shopify admin panel. We predict this is going to be a great tool for merchants, as it offers so many new opportunities for enticing sales, combo discounts and stock clearances.

How do you plan to use Shopify Bundles? Or are you ahead of the curve, and already putting it to use? We’d love to hear about your experiences with the new Shopify app – and remember, for all things Shopify, stick right here! Whether you want help setting up some of those advanced Shopify Bundles APIs in Shopify Plus – or even a whole new Shopify store built from scratch – let Inspira be your guide to the world of ecommerce on Shopify.

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