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10 Beautiful eCommerce Website Designs

Written by
Charlotte Slade
June 1, 2020

Online shopping has seen a phenomenal increase in size and popularity in recent years. The current climate has elevated this further with it becoming a godsend for many consumers unable to leave their homes. With such a large increase in online traffic, the pressure is on for merchants to make their store stand out.

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The Competition is on...

In an increasingly digital world setting up your online store will mean facing fierce competition from other retailers. You need to draw your visitors in, keep their attention and instil trust to ensure a successful store with fantastic conversion ratings.

From a design perspective our goal is to create an inspiring platform that allows customers to engage with your brand and enjoy a fuss-free, seamless shopping experience that they will repeat time and time again.

In this post we give you 10 examples of beautiful eCommerce websites that make a killer first impression.


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A website is definitely doing something right, when it makes you want to purchase a pram so you can be part of this "cool club" they have established, yet you don't have a child yourself.

Beauty Bay

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Online shopping has never been so fun. This store has heaps of personality and in no way shy when it comes to being bold with colour and fonts.


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Although relatively simple in design - the site has been carefully crafted with clever hover effects and beautiful photography.


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With a real life store that's some what of a landmark, Harrod's online presence has a lot to live up to. Their website doesn't disappoint. It feels incredibly unique and opulent with perfect choices in typography, accent colours and transition styles.


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A super sleek layout and smooth transitions make for a beautiful user experience on the Libratone store.

Crystal Rainbow

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A Clean, minimalistic design with on-brand animated elements creates an atmospheric, memorable website that translates seamlessly to mobile.


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A website selling allergy medicine doesn't sound like the most exciting of online stores but Curist has a great colour scheme, some really nice micro interactions in place and flows perfectly from homepage to checkout. All of which turns a relatively mundane product purchase into an engaging shopping experience.


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Sustainable skincare brand Plenaire uses strong photography and gentle colour tones and animations to really communicate that premium, clean aesthetic.

Ceremony Coffee Roasters

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The typography choices on this store work harmoniously with the high quality images and pastel tones.

Carbon Beauty

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This store has a super unique layout but this doesn't hinder it's usability at all. With bright colours and in your face scroll effects teamed with its punchy fonts this store exudes confidence.

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