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Shopify Age Verification

Verify your customers age before Shopify Checkout.

Sell age-restricted products online by having your customers seamlessly verify their age using their Driving License or one of the other available methods before completing their order.

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Real Online Age Verification

Shopify Age Verification from Inspira Digital is a low cost and simple solution that, when enabled on your Shopify store, will request customers verify their age before completing their purchase. Shopify Age Verification is developed in collaboration with that allows you to ship products safe in the knowledge that the customer age has been properly checked and verified.

Sell Age Restricted Products

With the recent trend of customers limiting how much they visit their local store, customers have instead been looking to purchase everyday products online. This also includes products which cannot be sold to minors such as alcohol or tobacco products. With this in mind there is an ever increasing need for online retailers to act responsibly and verify their products are only being sold to adults. Shopify Age Verification is the perfect solution for responsible merchants who sell...

  • Kitchen Knives Retailers
  • E-Cigarettes or Tobacco Retailers
  • Alcohol Retailers, including monthly subscription services
  • Adult Content Retailers
  • Retailers of Other Age Restricted Products

Simple to Setup

Age Verification works on a per product basis, simply tag the products which you want to restrict purchases only to customers who’ve verified their age. When these customers try to checkout they'll be asked to verify their age before they can complete their order.

  1. First tag the products that require age verification
  2. Then when a customer tries to checkout they'll be asked to confirm their age
  3. When the custom confirms their age they'll be able to complete their order

Easy to Use

It is quick and easy for customers to verify their age using one of the many available methods. Once the customer has verified their age they will not need to do it again, all they'll need to do is login to the age verification prompt and they'll be able to pass through to checkout seamlessly. We offer a wide variety of ways for customers to verify their age, so your customers can select the method that is easiest for them. They can verify their ages using one of the following methods...

  • Electoral Roll
  • Driving License
  • UK Mobile Phone
  • Credit Card
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