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Discounts with Shopify Scripts

Increase conversion and push up your average order value.

Are your promotions & campaign ideas being held back by the limitations of Shopify Automated Discounts? Then Shopify Scripts is the answer. Using Scripts we can create unique and compelling promotions that just aren't possible using automated discounts. Shopify Scripts is currently only available for Shopify Plus Customers.

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About Shopify Scripts

With Shopify Scripts we can setup and run promotions that are only limited by your imagination. No longer will you be restricted to basic compare at prices or the limitations of a single Shopify Automated Discounts. Instead you'll be able to run promotions that are more in line with discounts you would expect to see in a brick & motor retail store.

Increase average order value by allowing customers to redeem multiple offers within the same order.

By using Shopify Scripts you can run compelling offers that not only increases conversion rates but also raises average order values and encourages repeat business.

Example Promotions
  • Buy one get one free
  • Buy x and y for £50.00
  • Buy x and get y for 50% off
  • Offer bulk discounts
  • Offer special shipping rates
  • and more

What If I'm Not On Shopify Plus?

If you're looking to push the boundaries of what's available from Shopify Automated Discounts but aren't quite ready to make the jump to Shopify Plus. Then I'm sure we can find a solution for you.

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