Making Sense

of business strategy

Maxi Jazz once said, you don't need eyes to see, you need vision. Combine our unique experience launching many business into the wild with our keen eye for new technology and you'll find our vision is broader than most. Work with a team that is uniquely positioned to help steer you on a course for future success.

benefit from our unique perspective

We have worked with many companies, from the sublime to the ridiculous. But along side growing our own successful service company, we have had unique insight into many others.

We have seen failure and we have seen great success. But all the while, we have learned and gained experience, refining a set of key approaches, that are common with all successful business. Importantly, we know the key things to avoid across many sectors. Strategy underpins all we do from a basic creative brief to the software and services we recommend. This holistic and creative approach to business challenges ensures you avoid common pitfalls and that we can provide useful and measured perspectives.

strategy underpins all we do from the creative brief, right through to the software and services we recommend for your business...

I love it! It does everything we want it to do. Thank you! Thanks again for a great job.

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some key rules we work by...

  • Start small think big - and if you're big we encourage you to adopt start up principles :)
  • Stay agile and adaptable
  • Research your market fully and understand it's potential deeply
  • Concentrate on a reduced set core products & services - quality beats quantity - every time
  • Rapidly prototype - get to market, then evolve
  • Underdo your competition - be targeted and confident

we know it takes fortitude, organisation and a great idea, service or product to build a business, but we also know that process and dogma can stifle creative energy and ideas...

how we can help your business strategy...

Building a successful company can take many guises and we have been involved on many levels, from preparing market research to engaging and presenting to seed investors. We know what it takes to build a business, but we also know that process and dogma can stifle creative energy and ideas. We can help you identify when you need to adopt a start up mentality or when you need to focus on the systems and details