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ecommerce design & build

We have been building awesome, ecommerce stores since 2007 with Shopify as our de facto platform of choice. Providing you the full store toolkit of design, coding, marketing & support.
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shopify experts, with a long history of success

We spotted Shopifys potential very early on, delivering our first store on the platform in early 2007, just 8 months and 123 stores after it's release to the public.

Since then Shopify stores now number the hundreds of thousands and Inspira Digital has launched countless stores for clients all over the world, helping to build many successful businesses in the process.

We believe the web should not just be functional but also beautiful and effortless to use. Shopify fits this ideal flawlessly. With arguably the Internets most elegant, simple and affordable online retail platform at our fingertips, the Inspira Digital team have been able to deliver fantastic ecommerce sites, jam packed full of awesomeness!

we believe the online stores should not just be functional but also beautiful and effortless to use; Shopify fits this ideal flawlessly.

why work with us?

  • Experience , delivering our first store in 2007
  • Fully integrated, dynamic team working at our office headquarters
  • Application development, we have a number of shopify apps in development, we can help with yours.
  • Custom Integrations, we can mash up services to provide you a tailor made solution
  • Custom order process, from flooring calculators, to dishing out software codes

amazing from start to finish, clearly explained the whole process, giving great advice where needed.

Toni Cottam - Red Tin Box

the full package

That's the great thing about Inspira Digital, we're not just one stressed multi-tasker, we are a tight-knit, focused and friendly team of writers, technologists, designers, business owners and online marketers. This means you'll get some great perspectives, we'll ask intelligent questions and help you understand the value of your business. It's our aim to become your reliable digital team, guiding you safely and stress free all the way to launch and beyond.

  • We'll create stunning designs
  • Provide development, full of rich and fluid functionality
  • Help grow your online business
  • We take a holistic and strategic approach

the full ecommerce service

We have developed close ties with the team at Shopify's Canadian HQ. We hooked up with our partner liaison last year, this affords us priority support and advice, often helping us to make the most of the Shopify platform and giving us a heads up on where it's headed. All in all, when you combine a team of our nature with a great platform like Shopify you can be in total confidence that your store will look great, work flawlessly and make the most of the Shopify platform; not just now but long into the future of your business.

creating a great store is a real buzz for us, and we share the excitement of 'that' first order. We are with you all the way to make sure your store looks great, work flawlessly, and above all converts customers.

beautiful design

If there is one thing our business has in common with Shopify it's the belief in a beautifully designed and functional web. Creating a great store is a real buzz for us, and we never tire of turning your initial sketches of an idea into a gorgeous reality. Design is central to our process, it's where it all starts, whether it be helping you choose the ideal theme or creating a unique design from scratch, you'll find us friendly, consultative and focussed on delivering a store, that not just looks great but is also designed to succeed.

technical ability

When it comes to technical ability, there isn't much we haven't coded, tweaked or integrated into the Shopify platform. We've become masters of the API and our coding team loves the challenge of mashing together the perfect mix of web services for your store. While we love to build, we don't like to reinvent the wheel, so you can always be sure you're getting the most cost effective solution. With a number of our own applications set to go live in the Shopify App store this year you can have the confidence to set us the most challenging of tasks.

while we love to build, we don't like to reinvent the wheel, so you can always be sure you're getting the most cost effective solution.

awesome customer service

So we've established we love to build, design and market your store but none of this is any good if we can't communicate with you. That's why we put customer service at the top of our list, taking time to consult and involve you at every stage. Our team is a great balance of geeky genius and plain talking which allows us to communicate technical concepts simply, and help you get the most out of the Shopify platform.